Chairman’s Chat – 30th January 2017

Posted on Mon, 30th January 2017 by Julie Astin
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In spite of the horrible yesterday, a few of us went to the Concorde Chase up near Fleet, on an army area called Hawley and Hornley. We were very fortunate, though, as we managed to get our runs in during the window of dry weather. When I looked at the Provisional Results yesterday evening, I saw that I was almost in the top third on the Green course, and it looked as if I’d beaten some of the top runners in my age group, ending up 3rd out of 15 on W60. I was feeling suitably chuffed about this. Only to find, this evening, that the results have been adjusted as there was a problem due to misreading the start records from the Clear boxes.

So I ended up just about in the top half of Green , and 5th/15 on W60. So still not too bad (for me)

Mention must be made of Peter Suba who entered the Black course and came a very creditable 15th/25. Also, Rebecca Medlock (Jolyon’s wife) who came 7th/24 on Orange – and it was her birthday! Her daughter, Lyra came 1st on Yellow and young Eskarina 8th on White. (Jolyon had flown off to the Caribbean that morning on business – alright for some, eh?)

Here’s the link to the forthcoming events in February:

Also, advanced notice that on Monday 3rd April we have a WIM/WSX evening at Wimborne and as part of the evening we are presenting the Wessex Region Night League Trophies and putting on a light buffet.  There will be an urban score course prior to this.


  • If you’re interested in going to the international JK’s over the Easter weekend, then you need to enter by March 12th, (the date for the cheaper rates has just passed!)
  • Here’s the link to the homepage:
  • And a reminder that if you ARE going to the JK’s and would like to join a relay team, please let me know.



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