Chairman’s Chat – February 5th, 2018

Posted on Mon, 5th February 2018 by Julie Astin
Club News

Before I talk about some recent events, can I ask you all to respond to James Crickmore – if you haven’t already done so – concerning the Compass Sport Cup on March 11th. So far, he has only 10 people who say they can compete! We could really do with a lot more, to give us any chance of not coming last! Although it’s probably a bit further than some of you would normally travel for an event, I’d urge you all to make every effort to represent the club. Car sharing will be available if you’re not keen on going there alone. Thanks.

I was the only representative of Wessex on Day 1 of the Triple Gloucester, but I’m afraid I didn’t excel myself! The Middle Distance race at Mallards Pike in the Forest of Dean was tricky – primarily because of the complex network of ditches. I had about 5 controls on ditch junctions, and if I didn’t hit it right straight away, it became a game of pot luck! So on two of my controls I took just under 10 minutes, which cost me dearly. I also found it slow-going underfoot, having to cross those numerous ditches plus fallen trees etc. My final position was 40th out of 65. Not many BO National League points there then…..

The same evening, there was a night event around Chepstow, which was great fun – and hilly! There was only a choice of Long or Short course, so I chose Long just to get my money’s worth! It was only 3.5k (though actual distance was nearly 5k) Again, I didn’t do brilliantly, but there was a lovely bowl of hot soup and a roll at the end of it to cheer myself up with!

Yesterday, a few more members of Wessex joined me  back for the Classic Race at Mallards Pike – the Medlock family and Rob Hick – and the weather was much better than the miserable, wet Saturday. Again, there were ditches to contend with – but my biggest problem was that I hadn’t quite engaged my brain before setting off! On leg 6-7 I failed to notice that there were two open rides to cross before looking for my control  – another ditch junction. So I spent ages searching around in the wrong bit of woods as I had only crossed the first ride. I thought it strange that there were no other orienteers around, but by the time I realised what a stupid mistake I’d made, my mindset was all wrong and I decided to quit. Not something I’ve done too often, and felt bad about it. I should have persevered  – like Rob, who was out for nearly 2.5 hours on Brown! Hats off to him.

The best result of the day was Lyra, who came 1st on Orange and is on the way to winning the Galoppen series.

At Dinton Park, near Salisbury,  on Saturday Sarum put on the latest Night League event. This was again hotly contested, with Peter Suba coming 1st, and Alan Blanchflower 2nd – beating their arch nemesis, Dan Cope into 3rd. Rob Hick came 9th.  Well done all.

Last Thursday, SOC held another Night League event in Romsey – this time Dan beat Peter into second place by 19 seconds! And Alan in 3rd. There were 53 competitors – one of the top entries this season.


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