Chairman’s Chat – March 6th, 2018

Posted on Tue, 6th March 2018 by Julie Astin
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Well, the Wessex Region Night League is finally over following a very successful WSX event last night, based at Queens Park Golf Club’s Woodpecker Cafe. The top three places in both the Open and Handicap Leagues were undecided until this event – it was THAT close at the top! It became clear that Peter Suba had won the Men’s Open after the SOC event on Saturday evening, which he won. But the 2nd and third were up for grabs. We had to wait until after our splendid meal, and the laborious entry of the results into the spreadsheets by Gavin Clegg while we were eating (!), for the results finally to be announced.

In the Women’s Open competition, Tereza-Marie Rush (BOK) came 1st (having attended all the events!), followed by Becca Ellis (WIM), who pipped Jo Pickering (WIM) by a couple of points.

In the Men’s Open, as stated above, Peter Suba (WSX) came 1st, with Dan Cope (BAOC) 2nd, and Alan Blanchflower (WSX) 3rd.

In the Women’s Handicap competition, Charlotte Thornton (SARUM) again came 1st, followed by Carolyn Dent (BOK) and Jane Morgan (SOC).

In the Men’s Handicap, Chris Branford (WIM) came 1st, followed by Mike Frizzell (BADO) and Robin Smith (SOC).

In addition to the permanent trophies presented to the winner in each category, there were some splendid trophies, engraved by John Cook, for all the top three places to keep.

So now that the winter night league events are over, it’s time to turn our attention to the newly-created Summer Series that has been put together by ourselves, SOC, WIM and SARUM. More details to follow, but the first of these events is being organised by WIM on Monday, April 9th. Details are here.

Finally, we now have quite a good team for the Compass Sport Cup event this coming Sunday. So fingers crossed……

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