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Co Chairmans Chat 29 January

Its my Birthday week this week and a brief post as we havent had the usual slew of events- just a couple of updates here. Sunday just gone BOK held their Stockhill event on the Mendips, superb area as many of these are- sometimes a long journey to race but they really have some of […]

Co Chairmans Chat 22 January

Sunday saw our second local activity for Beat The Street. You remember way back in 2018 November we helped the Celebration day for Poole ? We did it all again on Sunday- great morning as saturday was messy outdoors so we lucked out on the weather, with 59 runs recorded and lots of new families […]

co Chairmans Chat 15 January

Back in the swing we have a few events recently to report. Last thursday our own Wessex Night League ran from the Haymoor Pub in Canford Heath where Dale planned a fiendishly hard straight score. With 25 controls spread evenly around the whole area, the skill here is purely about sequencing the running between locations. […]

Co Chairmans Chat 08 January

2019 Yes thats 2019 if youre still writing the wrong year on things. Hope everyone had a good festering season, and are glad to be back into regular life this new year. Thanks to Julie for writing the last two weeks while I was away a couple of fresh things for you today. Last Night […]
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