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Posted on Mon, 17th June 2019 by Jason Falconer
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Hello Midsummer week! It might not feel like it but it is, and the events keep coming thick and fast in Orienteering world.

WSX runners were away again for the Bristol Orienteering Blast weekend, which was a double Urban Saturday and Sunday. Saturday Jolyon picked up a 3/ 36 in the Urban! Nice running. Lyra bagged the first again, her score shown here with the others on that Junior course- really shows how shes achieving at an early age. Well done Medlocks, Rob Hick also went along.

Sunday at Thornbury I cant see any WSX runners– correct me if I’m wrong.

Locally I was asked to put something on for part of the UK Cycling event for Bike Week In Blandford, using the Milldown we put out a score event for families. Lots of reasons for that as the Milldown School over the road was the last school I mapped, the SOC event at Peartree Bridge was cancelled, and also I could fundraise for Sustrans on the site, which was right on the Blandford- Stur Newton trailway National Cycle Network a 9 mile section of old railway, and you know how much I love trains and railways. As it went the rain came in at exactly the time of starting which meant low foot fall, however there was one family that were from Milldown Primary- and we had about 15 people out with a couple of WIM members showing up for a run- thanks for coming and to my helpers Dick Keighley and the Bridles, couldnt have done it without you.

Sunday there was also the Devon Relays in Tiverton, two WSX teams and the top time was our Wessex Raider, as with all relays the handicaps are applied and that took us to 3rd.

heres the team results-  and individual results and report

WSX Raiders1000:34:40 penalty time after penaltytime after handicap and penalty


Overall Positions



Status QO1200:34:4100:22:411
Devon Dreamers1300:37:0100:30:0001:07:0100:54:017
Devon Drifters1500:43:4000:28:404
Islington Flyers2500:48:2100:23:212
WSX Wanabees2800:56:5700:30:0001:26:5700:58:578
QOS Feet1001:00:2000:50:206
QO Mumo2301:06:0600:43:065
C  Juniors  Kids Pro Quo2801:43:0401:44:04

Rogers write up:- “On Sunday the Wessex Raiders and Wannabee  teams headed to the Devon Relays near Tiverton. It was a Harris style relay with a handicap system that did not seem to favour teams of younger runners.  The Raiders team consisted of Roger, James and Peter,  and as Peter admitted to be rather tired after a 16 mile training run the previous day, he opted to tackle the more technical controls in the wooded section while James and Roger headed out to sweep  up those in the open parkland. Roger and James were back first and seeing Peter approaching decided to hold open the last gate for him to save a few seconds. This proved to be very worthwhile because although  they were third in the handicap competition (which counts for the SWOA summer series ) they won the trophy for the fastest actual time by just a single second !

The ‘prize’ for the greatest distance runner covered by a WSX runner went to Arthur Brooke in the Wannabee team (with Tracy and Julie) , who got back to the finish before realising he had missed out one control which happened to the furthest away and at the bottom of the hill. He  gamely set off to do another 2km with 50m  of climb to get it and so avoid the team gaining a 30 min penalty.
Sorry no photos as BOK did not return the trophy for last year”

This week we have a break from O. To return to racing the following weekend. Tuesday training again is ON.  Enjoy the midsummer day this Saturday, it the only one this year




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