Co Chairmans Chat 10 September

Posted on Tue, 10th September 2019 by Jason Falconer
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Summer Series is over! and boy was it close. Saturday WIM held the excellent Wimborne urban which was part of the Activate Moors Valley series and the last of our summer events. An Urban hour score event- hereafter to be known as ‘Hour of Power’ for all the upcoming WSX Night League events. There were a good few new families along to try it out and 32 of us took on the competition too. I unfortunately just made a mistake by missing a control out! and also on reflection an error on the outward leg, always easy to say in retrospect. It was well over 10 k for the whole score and Alan is a machine (in a good way) for doing that.  The real news is that our James Crickmore got all controls 15 seconds quicker than Dan Gallagher so won the series on the strength of that! Great competition there right til the last event of the series so well done to all who took part. Also shows that if youre dedicated you can get to the top, James actually didnt attend the whole lot but did well on the ones he did to score highly.

Now Its only 6 weeks until the first of the Wessex Night League Events in Poole that I have planned- so 21st October get it in the diary and start telling your clubmates and friends, its an Hour of Power, based from a pub on an otherwise boring Monday night, so what have you got to lose?

SOC had a local event in Dibden Saturday too, 6 WSX went along and enjoyed the sunshine on the New Forest.

Also Saturday SBOC held a weekend Senior Home Internationals Individual and Welsh League Event – Broughton Burrows, several members went along to take in the sand dunes. Results here show   our friends doing well again and lucky to be such a special place, and thats what keeps me going to more areas- special places.

Sunday was Senior Home International Relay and Welsh League Event – Whiteford Burrows.

Jolyons Report :-

“Having been to a few Welsh League events at Kenfig, Mynydd y Garn and Cwm Lickey, we couldn’t resist another weekend on Gower taking part in two SBOC Welsh league events in two top class sand dunes systems at Broughton Burrows and Whiteford Burrows. The Medlocks, Julie, Peter, Rob and Carolyn, along with the Ward family from NGOC, convened at a lovely campsite overlooking Oxwich Bay. Having indulged in sea swimming, white sandy beaches, home baked croissant and an evening in a local hostelry, not to mention cakes at Rhossili beach, we even found time for some orienteering.

With the event attached to the Senior Home Internationals (SHIs) we were surrounded by the best young orienteers across the four nations, and were even able to run the same courses. Saturday was on Broughton Burrows, the northwest corner of Gower; a triangular area of endless dunes, little vegetation, and a few (more than helpful) fences. The courses were very well planned so that the fences were of little use to navigation, except as providing a circuitous linear feature for traversing from one end of the map to the other. Navigation required constant map contact, and running on bearings alone proved a perilous choice. Being able to relocate in a sea of endless contours, some with and without taglines was problematic. Interpreting the map in 3D and matching it to the landscape whilst steadily picking off the crest of dunes, depressions, knolls and the odd bit of green was the order of the day, something that even the elite struggled with. Many of us were out for over 90 minutes, and we all felt we had got our money’s worth. Jolyon, Peter and Rob ran Brown, with everyone else running green, except  Esk on yellow.

Day 2 was at the remote sand spit of Whiteford Burrows. After a 2km walk to the distant dunes, we sat atop a hill to watch the SHI relays, which was great fun. England winning overall for the weekend. Then it was our turn. In contrast the navigation was somewhat easier, with shorter courses, helped by large stands of pines trees on the dunes, making delightful woodland orienteering. The brown course permitted great views of the sea as we hunted flags in blowholes along the edge of the dunes, as well as some beach running. It was a shame to have to dart around against the clock, as Whiteford is a special remote place that is definitely worth a re-visit.

Overall we all enjoyed our courses, with honours shared on the brown, Lyra taking a top 5 on the green on both days, and Esk managing to fit in two quick yellow runs in between chapters of her book as she basked in the sunshine. It was great to spend the weekend with WSX and friends. Hopefully we can do the same in Devon at the Caddihoe.”




Last night was another WIM event at Avon Heath– A small field of runners took on the poor weather for a challenge made up by John Warren that Im yet to hear about- results show James Crickmore keeps on winning though- Smart running well done.

Wednesday this week is a MLS event, first in season. These are Army events and generally around Sussex so get down to this if you can, using our Coldharbour and Gore Heath map. Wareham forest. Thursday is an Army Harris Relay too that a few of us are entering for a first run in Gore Heath for years.

University is closed at Sport BU this week so Im going running from All Hail Ale that has tuesday and thursday running. Next week we will be back at Sport BU still got about 6 weeks left of trail running before we swap to road for winter.

Do keep your photos and reports coming please- lively page today.

finally just to say a big hello to Harriet Knight our newest member- Welcome!

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