Co Chairmans Chat 17 September

Posted on Tue, 17th September 2019 by Jason Falconer
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G’day! I have been writing these weekly Blogs for a year! – If youre keen to start taking them on, and like writing why not have a go, if you can do about 2 hours photo editing and writing a week come on let us know- especially if youre one of our younger members. Ok. Our club Co Chairman Julie controlled two events last week that were the start of the MLS Military League South league of wednesdays all over the South that are run as physical training for Army staff. Civilians are permitted and our luckier members who dont always have work on wednesdays often compete. Last weeks was held at our Coldharbour area in Wareham, with a big field and several of our club runners in attendance. Then thursday also in Wareham at a WIM area not used for 7 years a Royal Signals Harris relay event which I took part in. Happy to report Roger Crickmore and I with Gavin Clegg in an Ad-Hoc team brought the trophy home with a first on the Long course. Harris relays in case you havent done one have a format of all team members collecting a set of spine controls in any order, then its up to the teams to decide how to collect all the rest between them, aiming to come back very close together. We gave Roger the longest distance and despite having trouble in one area myself we managed to just keep ahead of the rest.

Moving on to the weekend it was the British Sprint Champs hosted by Leicester in Loughborough.

Results with Lyra on top for the saturday sprint, closely followed by Grace French from WIM.

Then sunday over in Chinley on the hill another exciting race for the Medlocks with another 1st so a good weekend all round.

Other members were out doing the Purbeck 16 Hill race lots of familiar local running club names here with Jon Brooke 76/187 overall, great local racing. what have you been up to? drop us a message in the comments section and Ill share it.

Its back to BU for tuesday training today, not sure what the session is but its trail running for another few weeks. Still looking to cover all the jobs at our Dorset Delight event in October so please do enter using the helper code and get in touch with Tracy if you havent already.



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