Chairman’s Chat – February 4th

Posted on Tue, 4th February 2020 by Lyra Medlock
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Sunday’s BOK South West League event was in one of the more technical areas in the South West, Stockhill, in the Mendips. It was used for the British Middle distance champs in 2018. Stockhill is a forest plantation overlying an area previously used for mining, so lots of depressions and pits everywhere. We had a good contingent of WSX members turning up, 12 in total. Esk placed 6th out of 21 on the orange. Agnes came 18th, Rebecca 37th and Julie 47th out of 80 competitors on the Green. Jon came 9th on blue, and Ian 47th. On the brown, Jolyon came 15th, Peter 23rd and Rob 40th.

We now have an interview with Eskarina about her course and thoughts:
What was your favourite part of the course?
“My favourite part of the course was 6 to 7 and 7 to 8 because I liked getting wet!”
What was your most challenging leg and why?
“My most challenging leg was 4 to 5 because I misread my control descriptions, I thought it was a hill not a depression. I think I lost about 5 minutes, which still wouldn’t have been enough to beat Monty!”
Are you enjoying oranges?
“Yes I am, they are a big step up from yellows and I love that oranges are more technical and they make me think more”

WSX held a night league on Monday at Canford Heath, planned by Dale. We had 14 members competing in the score event. James came 2nd, Alan 3rd, Peter  5th and Rob 8th. 4 runners in the top 10.

Forthcoming events:
There are three events at the weekend. The first being on Saturday organised by SARUM in Denny Wood near Lyndhurst. Two events on Sunday, a Devon league event on Hound tor on Dartmoor and a North Wilts event in Copse Wood near Marlborough.

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