Chairman’s Chat 11th March

Posted on Fri, 13th March 2020 by Lyra Medlock
Club News, Event Reports
Just a short report this week. Because of all the rainfall in the past few weeks the SARUM Event at Fonthill was cancelled, which was a shame because it was right on our door step. We couldn’t go through a weekend without not running so we decided to head over to the middle distance NGOC event on Minchinhampton common.
Having looked at the map, which is a high open Cotswold plateau, it looked very runnable, with distinct features round the edge into the woodlands, but not a lot on the map in the central part other than isolated trees, bushes and few low lying land features, that would require good compass skills. There are many roads crossing the common, and because of the road crossing I wasn’t able to do a higher course than a green but I really liked the course, it was really fast. The first control was easy as everyone was running in the same direction, so it was just a running race to that control. As soon as we crossed the road we had 9 controls amongst the scrubby areas before we crossed the road to do a few more controls. Overall it was a fun and fast course and good preparation for the British champs in two weeks time as it will be about speed.
Good luck to everyone competing for the Compass sport cup this weekend at Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire
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