Co Chairmans Chat 17 March

Posted on Mon, 16th March 2020 by Jason Falconer
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Compass Sport  Trophy. Our WSX members made the 122 mile journey to Gloucestershire on Sunday and I for one was glad to get the chance to race in a time when loads of things are being cancelled. Even up to a day before we had 20 entered but due to various reasons 17 people competed on a wet muddy day on some superb terrain in the Cotswolds, part of NGOC area. The map is like many of theserious forests in the U.K, full of steep valleys with spurs and loads of good earth features.  Our best 12 results counted and we came 4th after WIM and SOC but above SARUM, our most local clubs. 2 top teams go through to the final. This weekends event was in a lovely area and I was thrilled to see we went past Slad, made famous for being the home of Laurie Lee, author of ‘Cider with Rosie’ and where that book was based upon.

My own course 7.4 KM Short Brown didn’t win us any points, as I was going slow after recent injuries. Managed to get a 24 from 40 which wasn’t too bad considering. My route choices were using tracks and going that little further as they are often good choices rather than being forced to climb all those steep contours on the direct line. As I say to novices, slow and steady can win the race on these type of races, compared to lots of errors made at speed. So my own performance was steady and I was enjoying the terrain, smell of wild garlic and views on this all the way to control 8 where I happened to punch faster than 2 others in the area. Then to 9 and also to 10 I was fastest of all runners on my course. (check the splits) Thereafter the legend that is Clive Hallet ran past me and I thought ‘hes a good wheel to be on’ so tried following him to 11,which is where my error came….. overshot by about 200 metres then relocated on a nearby building before going back to my 11. So 5 minutes lost. Ah well carry on and don’t let any negativity creep in. It was tough going and the conditions were deep muddy, uneven tracks and loads of brambles too- I loved it. Who knows whats going to happen now with O sport events, we may have major cancellations due to C……….s . Last night I asked Welsh 5 co-ordinator about the week long competition that would have been my major summer holiday, and they confirmed my worst fears- cancelled.

So results wise we had x 3 100 point scores, well done to Lyra Medlock, Peter Suba and Gavin Clegg- great to have you back Gavin!! thats 2 firsts and a sterling 3rd by Peter on the course I ran. Other good performances were 98 points for John Brooke, Jolyon and Esk Medlock and Agnes Brooke- top running everyone. Routegadget here if you want to add yours.

Upcoming the British Champs this Sunday coming, then the following Sunday SOC have an event at Acres Down- New Forest- if they’re both still on that is.

Tuesday training again and the last 1KM reps session for the winter season tonight, we shall be on the trails again very soon- so if you haven’t been come along and even if you don’t come along, tell youre friends, share the fact that youre super friendly club does Trail Running Tuesdays every week from Sport BU. Its free, and youve got showers, and optional social every week- nothing stops Chairman Julie and I having a cleansing beer rewards after a run.

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