Poole Park POC re-issued

Posted on Sat, 30th January 2021 by Alan Hooper
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The park map has been corrected to show the major re-construction work that has happened over the last two years. This has resulted in 3 controls being removed by BPC and in some instances the original site has disappeared. I have simply re-constructed the three courses to avoid having to negotiate new posts with BPC, the courses are really not greatly changed. The instruction leaflet has also been modified to match the new courses.

I have also georeferenced the map and fitted it to Google earth projection in expectation of soon making a maprun version. I suggest that a 30 control format is excessive and suggest a 20 control score format with say a 45 minute timeout. I am initially looking for a maprun format that uses the existing map rather than doing a lot of work expanding it to include the Baiter estate. The map is now resident on OOM which I find to be a superb tool for this type of work.

Alan Hooper 30th Jan 2021

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