Poole ‘Out of Town’ Race – Canford Heath

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  • Event area (map): Canford Heath
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  • This is part of the SEOUL season of events.

    Results are now considered approved and have been posted to SEOUL (South East Orienteering Urban League) and submitted to BOF for ranking points.
    Updated SEOUL tables available at this link.

    Routegadget is now available.
    Apologies are due for
    1) the delay in making this available and
    2) the odd results that will arise from runs affected by the missing control.
    All competitors times are unadjusted but some will be missing splits for control 53. The Routegadget web site advises us to be aware that the auto-adjust GPS route facility will not work correctly, and replays and Splitsbrowser will not be “correct” when using real time analysis.

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Post Event Comments:

As many of you will be aware the event was a little affected by vandalism to one control, which was used on 4 of the 7 courses. Thanks to quite early feedback we were able to put out a replacement control, so only 25 of the 66 runners encountered the  missing control problem. Fortunately it was only the control box that was missing. The kite and wire gripple by which the control was held were still in place, which enabled competitors to quickly identify that they had got to the correct place and then move on. Thank you to any you who spent time looking for our lost control in the bushes. After careful consideration of how the incident may have affected the running of the event, the controller has decided that the fairest course of action is to make the missing control (53) optional rather than mandatory. Thus competitors’ recorded times will not be adjusted by voiding the leg either side of the control. Neither solution is ideal but making the control optional is probably fairest on this occasion. Looking at the splits indicates that there are only one or two instances of places being potentially lost over the course of the legs either side of the missing control.

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Flier is here.



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