Studland Dunes – Local Event

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  • Event area (map): Studland Dunes
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  • This will be the first event on our newly-mapped area and entries will be limited initially to local clubs, plus the South West Junior Orienteering Squad. There will be another opportunity to run on the dunes in October 2022 at a regional event. For the first event there is a limit of 125 participants. We thank the National Trust on Purbeck for allowing to orienteer on this fantastic dunescape.

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Routegadget initially shows only for Blue BUT the Light Green and the Yellow/Orange course can be found under the Events tab from the Routegadget page.

Pre-Event Bulletin:

Full details are here.

A few Final Details

And a few more FDs!

Control Descriptions – Yellow/Orange & Light GreenĀ 

Control Descriptions – Blue


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