WNL15 – Upton Country Park

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Gavin Clegg, league coordinator:

Jon Brooke did a great job of keeping everyone amused. Like Dorchester, there were many different routes taken and some good debate as to where was the right place to transition. Dale used the road on the North side of the map which was quite legitimate. Jon admitted he hadn’t foreseen that possibility. Gavin crossed the marsh between 49 and 51 which Jon hadn’t thought anyone would contemplate! Just goes to show how we all think in different ways, particularly under competition. Below is a report on the league, followed by a report from the winner.

In the Handicap competition there are still numerous permutations. Whilst Gavin and Charlotte look secure there are plenty of chasers, who with good scores at the final two races, could surpass them. There are some significant movers below the top ten; Dale up 6, Tim Houlder up 7 and john Cook up 10 places. On the Open; first and second places are now confirmed even though both Gavin and Peter won’t be at the final two races. Peter being in Hungary, Gavin in Portugal, Peter working, Gavin Orienteering! Last year Peter lost out to Andy Snell by 12 points, this year is was by 7 points. Two more years Peter and you should be there! Margins were very close and with Gavin not having a particularly good race last night, Peter needed to perform well. 25 seconds quicker at Upton and the league title would have been his. So close. 3rd place could come from any of the top 12. Ian Sayer and Tim Houlder doing very well on the back of Organiser points. James Crickmore and Dale are both up 9 places to 4th and 7th respectively. With two races to go there won’t be any more reports or tables now until after the final race at Broadstone Rec on Monday 6 March.

From Dale Paget: After the disaster of Dorchester, where I just didn’t see one of the controls on the edge of the map, I was looking forward to another chance at trying to be competitive after a 3 month layoff in racing.

At the start Jon was advising people to look carefully at the control locations to determine the best point to transition from odds to evens (or vice versa). I took his advice and paused at the start before heading out. With a plan made, I started quite slowly through the ornamental gardens – quite tricky in the dark, so easy to make mistakes by pushing too fast. Then an anti-clockwise loop round, gradually picking up the pace with a transition at 51/48. Dropped South to pick up the outlying controls, followed by a clockwise loop back round to the finish.

A well planned event, with a number of decision points to try and work out the most efficient route. In discussions with other competitors, it became obvious that Jon had succeeded, as everyone had done something different!

The only negative was the vandalising of control 36. Strange that they left the stake and flag, just taking the SI unit.

Overall a very enjoyable evening – assisted of course (for me at least) by the result.

Congratulations to Gavin who, following the results of the event, has secured the Open League title. Three different winners in the last three years – excellent for keeping the competition alive and encouraging participation. Next year it could be you!

Pre-Event Bulletin:

Event flyer Upton CP


In main car park, follow signs from park entrance.

Free parking.


Education Centre and nearby toilets.

Tea/coffee and cold drinks and biscuits available


Terrain Description

Mix of parkland and woods around Upton House


1:5000 A4

Registration & Start Times

Registration from 1730-1830

Starts from 1815-1845

Courses close at  2000

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60-Minute Score


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