WNL – Boscombe Chine and Gardens

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Another interesting new area to run round. Ian Sayer used the odds/even ploy to make the best use of the area and with at least two runs up the zig-zags it kept everyone amused. Only the top nine getting all 25 controls in the hour. Tim Morgan was the deserved winner of the 40 participants. This number is about the norm for the Night League entries these days. A far cry from the 10 or 12 we were seeing only three or four years ago. Little change in either league table. I don’t think we will see much change now until after the end of January when those that have competed in 7 races start to tread water whilst others catch up. Next competition is the iconic Poole Town race on Monday 4 January with a new planner in Rob Hick. Looking forward to it Rob!

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