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Once again the magical Brownsea Island wove its spell. Many thanks to Eric Whapples for organising the whole thing and planning a challenging course. Due to changes of personnel on the Island the viability of the event was in doubt right up to Friday. But thanks to Eric’s contacts and skill, he got the green light. Chris Turner did well to get all the controls but at a cost of 13 minutes of penalty points! Congratulations go to winner Rob Hick as well as Annie Crookshank and James Crickmore who were a close second and third. Collecting in the controls after was very special as you had the Island almost entirely to yourself. Some pre entered competitors didn’t make it which was a shame as there was a waiting list. Don’t forget to get your entry for this event in early next year – you were warned back in early January that it would be ‘first come first served’.

In the League the winning Male and Female places are sown up but there is still plenty of jockeying for the minor places. Chris Branford has moved up to 4th, Julie Astin suffering from a lost dibber on Brownsea. In the Non Handicap League its between Andy Snell and Peter Suba. Andy has to be favourite, but if Peter wins and Andy scores less than 471 then the title’s Peters. Two new prizes this year: There will be a prize for the first lady on the Non Handicap and the winner for that is Annie Crookshank. There is also a prize for the person attending most events and the likely recipient this year being Charlotte Thornton.

The Prize giving will be combined with the WIM/WSX Annual Prize Giving and Social on Saturday 2nd April at Shillingstone Church Centre, near Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 0SW Pre entry only!!

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A mixture of complex wooded areas, open heathland and fields

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60-minute Score


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