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Wessex put on a lovely event in the middle of Christchurch on a new map by Ian Sayer. As I was making my ponderous way around (technical issues!) I thought I ought to return sometime in daylight to have a proper look at some of the interesting areas we were taken. Judging from the results there was no “favourite” route, which I think is always a sign of good planning. In the cold light of day Rob Finch’s route looks the best and that was translated into a win over Nick Jarvis. Jo Pickering had an excellent win over rivals Becca and Terresa. A great turnout of 52 with all the top 26 in the league taking part. Without putting the commentators curse on things, we still have three competitors who have competed in all the races: Dan Cope, Becca Ellis and Mike Frizzell and another 5 who have only missed one race. Five more races to go with Bournemouth on 4 March hosting the final race and prizegiving. Julie Astin is taking numbers and food orders – please use the registration form on the event page on the Wessex website.

In the Open League, Rob Finch is beginning to make a move, having won the last two races. Nick is still favourite but lower down James Crickmore is up 7 to 12 and Peter Suba up 5 to 13th and both could mix it for a top three place if results go their way. In the Ladies competition, both Tereza and Becca failed to improve their scores letting Jo move up two place to 9th just behind the two of them. Another good score from Jo will see her take over the lead as both Tereza and Becca have a low counting score of 402 to Jo’s 374. In the Handicap League, John Oakes has moved up to 2nd behind Tereza and Kirsty Staunton has moved up to 4th but tells me she will be away for the last few races. Andy Snell is up 2 to 5th and Peter Suba up 6 to 16th with one full score still to add, which could well take him straight up to 3rd. The next event is Sarum’s at Stonedown on 16 Feb, which will throw up some interesting results I’m sure. Closely followed by Canford and Merley. Have fun!



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Here’s the event flier. (including link to reservation form).  You can also reserve a map clicking this link. Exact details of course format will be available on the night.

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