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After a short hiatus over the Christmas period, the league has now been updated to include Brighton on 19 Dec and last weekends excellent Poole Town race, handsomely won by Dale Paget (who could still retain his Non Handicap title if he attends enough races). In the League, Charlotte has certainly set out her stall and its up to the rest of us to catch her. Although there are still 7 races left there are probably only two or three real contenders likely to put in the heavy scores needed to overtake Charlotte. It could all go down to the last couple of events so make sure you get your entry in for Brownsea as the entry limit (I’m guessing 40) is likely to be reached. In the Non Handicap League Andy now leads having swapped places with Peter. Mike Frizzel is up 5 to forth and a little further down Ian Sayer up 18 places to 18th.

It was great to see so many people at the Poole Town Race. The little café was absolutely packed!
Rob’s planning included some previously unused sites – like the northern limit of Poole railway station and the centre of a large thicket! The latter took a little finding, although it was certainly safe from vandals!
One mis-placed control caused some competitors a little difficulty (not Rob’s fault), although I was fortunate that my chosen route choice took me straight to it, even if somewhat unexpectedly!
I was pleased with my result, particularly running with injury. Although, post race analysis shows I wasted 3 minutes accumulated over 5 legs. With my fitness starting to return, I am optimistic that when injury free and with my brain in gear I may be able to start to reverse my slide down the National rankings!
All in all, a great event enjoyed by all who attended. Even the (very) heavy shower of rain that gave pretty much all of us a bit of an early wash didn’t dampen the pleasure of exploring one of South’s interesting town centres. Here’s looking forward to next year. Dale

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