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  • Event area (map): Poole Town
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  • A welcome return to this intricate townscape. The first event of the 2019-20 Night League!


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Post Event Comments:

This year’s Wessex Region Night League kicked off in fine style with 49 competitors taking the plunge. It was good to see that 9 of these were League night virgins. In the Open competition, last year’s protagonists were out in force. Nick, Rob, Alan and James taking the first four spots. With the Ladies, as I said in the end of season report, its Becca’s turn to win the league this year and she has started well, with Tereza second. Jo had a poor run by her usual standard (too many cakes Jo!). In the Handicap League Chris and Tereza have already taken the leads and could well be difficult to dislodge. There are a couple of reports below.                                                           Gavin Clegg

Nick Jarvis writes: The first night league in of the season proved to be fast and flat. With plenty of potential route choices being decisive was key to maintaining a smooth flow, the terrain was varied for a relatively small area, a bit of multi-level was a welcome surprise. Fortunately from my perspective I picked a fairly decent route, with minimal errors- the main challenge was making sure I was the right side of fences/ walls which was made harder by the fact I didn’t take descriptions which may have cost me a minute or two… Thank you to Jason for planning and everyone else involved in running the event. It was good to have some competition, hopefully the rest of the season will be as competitive as Poole!

 Laura-Jane writes: “Headtorch charged? Check. High-vis. top? Kinda. Running partner who may or may not be able to move after yesterday’s Great South Run? Absolutely. The Pair-O is good to go. Walking to the pub it seemed surprisingly light, but by the time we’d completed registration and collected our dibbers the sun had well and truly set and we were ready for our first Night Orienteering of the new Season. The temperature was reasonable, it wasn’t pouring with rain and we knew where the finish control was – this wasn’t what we’re used to! Collecting our map, we had learnt from previous mistakes and didn’t immediately set off for the nearest control like headless chickens. Instead we stopped and made sure the blue on the map matched the (dark) blue in front of us – yes – and noted where the highest scoring controls were located. Again, rather than deluding ourselves we’d get round all the controls in the hour, we instead decided to get the 50, 40 and 30 point-ers and make the rest up as we went along (sorry, I mean: adjust our plans in light of our speed and accuracy in real time). Being on home turf really helped, as it meant (for once) we could discuss actual roads / buildings we knew rather than “keep going straight-ish then dog-leg round that green bit” … we even found the control on Jason’s secret mulberry bush. However, I swear the level crossing has it in for me as the barriers came down on our approach from both directions! I may have also claimed Baiter was “completely dry”, which turned out to be not entirely true. Despite a couple of disagreements over map legend (I’ve finally got the hang of green is NOT grass, but we did get our tarmac / rough open topsy-turvy), control descriptions (what on earth is TT?) and plenty of swearing at controls (“it’s not here – oh, there you are, you little …”) we made it back with over a minute to spare, totally ready for the pub grub we’d “earnt”.

We scored 390, so well behind the leaders, BUT (as per our motto) #at least we’re not last.”

And another report from a competitor:

“The Poole night event was my 2nd attempt at orienteering & I loved every minute of it! I managed a little bit of jogging but found there’s more to this sport….I had to THINK!  It is an ideal pastime for someone of my great age and I look forward to the next event at Wareham. Thank you to Jason and Liz for their help.  George Pittock.


Pre-Event Bulletin:

Based at The Quay, Wetherspoons pub on Poole Quay.

Here’s the flier.  Change of Registration/Start Times: Registration will be from 6pm and Starts from 6.30 (or as soon as it’s dark enough – whichever comes sooner!)

Entry form link HERE.

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