WRNL 6 – Corfe Castle

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  • Event area (map): Corfe Castle
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    A great new area with a mix of urban and Corfe Common. The date has been changed due to the switching on of Corfe’s Christmas Lights happening on the 2nd.

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resultsindex_resultsThese results are final and are now unlikely to be changed. All bonuses from dumbell controls have been checked by a spreadsheet formula. This led to a few upgrades and additions compared to how it was when the laptop left the pub. That’s just because some runners weren’t asked to declare their bonuses – also because it’s difficult to check them on the fly in the middle of a busy download area (where you can’t read the map in the gloom).

After interrogating various data sources, the final results that you see from here have reinstated all of Alan’s run and identifed that he just beat James to the finish with an extra 10 time bonus points. Thanks to James for his help in that.

Routegadget is also available to upload / draw and compare your tracks.

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resultsindex_resultsEntries will be via Race Sign Up.
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