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What a 1 KM reps training session looks like

Stoke Park Night Event

Another cracking night event, this time over at Eastleigh and, for a change, one that included some woodland in addition to the urban area. However, at the Start, I wimped out and decided to head for the streets rather than the black wood ahead of me. The first few controls were straightforward, apart from the […]

Concorde Chase

A surprisingly dry run at the Concorde Chase at Hawley and Hornley today – it threw it down as we drove back home so counted ourselves very lucky. The event was in an area used for Army training and it was a bit unnerving to see a last-minute hand-written note in the Pre-Start box that […]

Tuesday Training

Tonights frozen pea souper put the dedicated into action again. Short Hills was the session- Coming to tuesdays is part of becoming a regular runner, and the social afterwards is a great time for a catch up and review of races at the weekend. come down as winter miles mean summer smiles

Double B

Today I drove all the way to the Forest of Dean for the NGOC Galoppen. The test yesterday on Avon Heath was successful, meaning that I was testing out how my toe that was half destroyed on the last day of last year would hold up wearing a proper Orienteering shoe and running through terrain. […]
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