Alan Hooper

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One of the original members of Poole O.C. and then Wessex O.C.  I am a retired Chartered Engineer and have designed various timing equipment for O-events in the pre-SI era . I have acted as Chairman and Secretary over the years and have some experience of Mapping, Organising, planning and controlling events. Now I regard Short Green as a long distance event!

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Poole Park POC re-issued

The park map has been corrected to show the major re-construction work that has happened over the last two years. This has resulted in 3 controls being removed by BPC and in some instances the original site has disappeared. I have simply re-constructed the three courses to avoid having to negotiate new posts with BPC, […]

NEW SWOA web site

SWOA have just released their smart new web site which is well worth a read. It provides the coordinating link between all the South West O Clubs.   Click this link to have a look             Tweet

“Forest Challenge” Orienteering Board Game

Alan Brown of Gloucester Orienteering Club has asked us to publicise this unusual board game, it may make a useful Christmas Present.                    Click on the following link for more information            O Game Tweet

Frida’s Wedding


Recycling unwanted expenses to BO

BO have come up with an interesting idea for those of you who do NOT claim any expenses when officiating at events, i.e. transport costs etc.  The idea is that money get’s recycled back into Orienteering with Gift Aid. Click this link to get more information. Reclaim Expenses for BO benefit. Tweet