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Gavin Avey-Hebditch


A distant Wessex member now due to having to work in London for a living in Hackney borough.  I attend as many events here as I can despite shift work and although finishing at 0500 I am running around the woods North of the Thames five hours later.I try to attend Wessex orienteering events if I am lucky to be off and down south in Southampton with Monica.

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Sunset and Beyond

Hi all is anyone looking at the rather interesting day and night relay event by SOC on the 24th March at all? I happen to be down from London and thought I might ask.   Gavin AH Tweet

Furrow Hoppers Relay

Hello Everyone, long time no see sadly. I have found out that I am available to be a tortoise in a team if you are short on Sunday 9th.  Just drop me a line by my email or by my telephone number a text if needed.  Does not appear to be single runs available on […]
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