Wessex Region Night League

The Wessex Region Night League is organised as an annual league over the winter months, with events contributed by clubs in the SWOA region. All of the events are open for entry by anyone, with the majority organised in a 60 minute score format – although there is always something unique.

  • Latest Post Event comments after WNL15 – Andover:

    Results from Andover are here: https://bado.org.uk/results/Andover_20200120.htm .

    There were some good household battles; with Serena Ludford just pipping Tony who had time to spare. Carolyn Dent scored more than Rob Hick but ended up equal having gone 23 seconds over time. Similarly Lawrence Shaw outscored Jo P but lost out on the time penalty.

    In the Open League, with five races to go, there is no change in the top 5 although things are beginning to tighten up. Rob increased his score by 11 points, Dan by 17, Alan by 23 and Nick by 29. Any of the top 4 could end up with the maximum 3500 points. If its tied at 3500 then it will depend on countback. Bertie is up 5 places to 6th, Peter Suba up 7 places to 11th having completed his 7th run. With the Ladies; Jo is drawing ahead with 24 more points to Becca’s 2 point increase. Good to see Tereza back running and up 5 places to 19th and potential for further gains.

    In the Handicap League Chris has moved above Dan for 2nd place and that could well be the mens placings come the final race. John Cook up to 20th with one race still to score could potentially break into the top three. Its far more difficult to predict with the ladies. Jo is pulling away from Becca but Tereza is up 9 to 9th, Carolyn up 8 to 17th with a potential 3600+ and Julie could still be there is she can score as well as she did at Wareham and Brighton.



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Previous seasons:

Season Events Archive WinnerSeason Summary
Handicap WHandicap MNon-Handicap WNon-Handicap M
2018-2019Tereza-Maria RushPeter SubaJo PickeringNicholas JarvisHandicap Final;

Open Final

2017-2018Charlotte ThorntonChris BranfordTereza-Maria RushPeter SubaHandicap FinalOpen Final
2016-2017Charlotte ThorntonGavin CleggAnnie PickeringGavin CleggFinal Report; Handicap-FinalOpen-Final
2015/2016Charlotte ThorntonGavin CleggAnnie CrookshankAndy SnellFinal ReportLeague TableNon-Handicap League Table
2014/2015Charlotte ThorntonChris BranfordN/ADale PagetFinal Report, League TableNon-Handicap League Table
2013/2014Jane MorganChris BranfordN/ADale PagetLeague TableNon-Handicap League Table
2012/2013Charlotte ThorntonGavin CleggN/AN/ALeague Table
2011/2012Charlotte ThorntonGavin CleggN/AN/ALeague Table


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