Wessex Region Night League

The Wessex Region Night League is organised as an annual league over the winter months, with events contributed by clubs in the SWOA region. All of the events are open for entry by anyone, with the majority organised in a 60 minute score format – although there is always something unique.

  • Latest Post Event comments after WNL7 – Holton Lee:

    Little change in the Open, however in the Handicap Tereza, John and Andy are all up four places. Now that we have got the seventh race over things will start to shake up, particularly in the Handicap. By the end of December we should be getting a clearer picture of who is going to be in contention. I’m going to make an early prediction: In the Open I have Dan and Tereza for the wins. In the Handicap it’s between Mike, John and Chris for the boys and Tereza, Kirsty and Becca for the girls.

    Have fun at Romsey on Thursday 13th.



Remaining events in this season:

Completed events in this season:

Previous seasons:

Season Events Archive  Winner Season Summary
Handicap W Handicap M Non-Handicap W Non-Handicap M
2017-2018 Charlotte Thornton Chris Branford Tereza-Maria Rush Peter Suba  Handicap FinalOpen Final
2016-2017 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg Annie Pickering Gavin Clegg Final Report; Handicap-FinalOpen-Final
2015/2016 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg Annie Crookshank Andy Snell Final ReportLeague TableNon-Handicap League Table
2014/2015 Charlotte Thornton Chris Branford N/A Dale Paget Final Report, League TableNon-Handicap League Table
2013/2014 Jane Morgan Chris Branford N/A Dale Paget League TableNon-Handicap League Table
2012/2013 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg N/A N/A League Table
2011/2012 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg N/A N/A League Table


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