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WSX Chat 3rd Sep 2023

Lagganlia report 2023 by Eskarina Medlock WSX   The Medlock summer was packed with exciting trips to Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland, but what was definitely my highlight was the week away at Lagganlia. This had been my goal for some time after my sister got selected in 2021 and came back with nothing but happy memories […]

WSX Chat 2nd Sep 2023

I have quite a few reports to send out from activities by WSX over the summer. Here is Lyra’s report from her summer tour to Czechia: Czech report 2023 The 10-day trip started with an 8km run with the group of 4 people I would be flying out with, followed by an early wake up […]

WSX Chat 7th July 2023

Hope you are all having a good summer and enjoying the MapRun league. I’ve been taking a break from orienteering, except a few days in Gower at the SBOC Midsummer weekend. I hear though that there have been some good results at Saunders, and a few of you have been doing some other local events. […]

WSX Chat 1st June 2023

The latest chat comes from one of our youngest members. Esk represented England in Belgium and she wrote this report for SWOA: Interland report – 2023 – Belgium I remember being very excited on the day I received my selection email (the fact that I was going to Belgium without any member of my family […]

WSX Chat 8th May 2023

Spring is here, although the weather isn’t particularly warm or dry yet. Hope you are all enjoying the Dorset Summer MapRun league. So far there have been two completed events (each run over two weeks), firstly at Blandford Milldown, and secondly at Ferndown Forest, both organised by WIM. Results so far can be found here […]
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