SW League – Agglestone, Purbecks

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  • Event area (map): Agglestone Heath
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  • A welcome return to this fabulous heathland owned by the National Trust on the Isle of Purbeck.

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Apologies for the delay in fixing results for the negative splits on Blue course caused by control 114 and on Brown course by 117. This has now been fixed for Routegadget and Splitsbrowser.

Please note that for RouteGadget there are 2 separate events reflecting the different map sizes A4 (for White / Yellow / Orange) and A3 (for all other courses). The link on this page (above) is for the A3 courses. To see the Yellow and Orange, follow the link then click on thet “events” tab, then select the A4 version to see your map.

String Results and comments

Controller’s Comments: What a day! Thanks to Storm Eunice the event literally had competitors blown off their feet and I’m sorry to hear that it defeated a number of you out there on the course. Despite this, the majority of the comments I had were positive, despite having ended up in some of the bogs! And we got everyone safely back. My thanks go out to everyone who helped with planning and control placing as it was a real team effort to put the event on.                                                             Karen French (WIM)

Organiser’s Comments: first of all, well done and thanks to all you competitors who braved the wind today! I hope you felt it was worth it. We were actually lucky with the weather as the rain didn’t come until just after we’d finished collecting in all the controls. 

Apologies for an issue with control 123 which was actually in a nearby, unmapped, depression. Any competitor who could not find it has been re-instated with that control.

Finally, there are a couple of items of lost property:

  • a grey and black striped top (it was picked up in error by someone else along with their own jacket) I can’t remember the name of the woman who was looking for it.
  • a blue zipped case containing a thumb compass, whistle and CD holder

Please contact me at [email protected] and I will mail them to you.

Pre-Event Bulletin:

Now open on fabian4 (3/1/22)

Here’s the preliminary information.

14/2/22   – entries will remain open for a few more days although maps will be ordered on the 15th.


UPDATE 19/2: in spite of the forecast gusty winds tomorrow, the event is still going ahead. There may, however, be no toilets or cafe available as there has been a power cut in the area all day today. The power company hope to have the power restored by 11pm, but we won’t know until tomorrow morning.There are some toilets in the Middle Beach Car Park at Studland. The Registration/Download tent will now be situated near the cafe building about 100m south of the BBQ area.

For those planning to use the Sandbanks Ferry, it is worth checking the website before choosing your route to the event. Here’s their website.

Start times will be flexible as far as possible if you are delayed due to the weather/ferry in any way.

As the TVOC event has been cancelled, we are prepared to take some EOD’s bu Fabian4 entry (re-opened for Saturday night) is preferred.

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