WNL7 – Holton Lee

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Little change in the Open, however in the Handicap Tereza, John and Andy are all up four places. Now that we have got the seventh race over things will start to shake up, particularly in the Handicap. By the end of December we should be getting a clearer picture of who is going to be in contention. I’m going to make an early prediction: In the Open I have Dan and Tereza for the wins. In the Handicap it’s between Mike, John and Chris for the boys and Tereza, Kirsty and Becca for the girls.

Have fun at Romsey on Thursday 13th.


Pre-Event Bulletin:

Here’s the event flier (with a link to the reservation form). You can also reserve a map clicking this link. Exact details of course format will be available on the night.

Here are the Final Details..

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