WRNL 8 – Boscombe

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Regrettably the smooth running of the event was affected by a missing control (#55) and another that was not responding (#32). I have done our best to establish who was affected by the “dead” control (#32) and all affecetd individuals have been credited with that control, albeit there was not time at download to work out the exact order or time taked to get to that control – but the 10 points are gained nevertheless and this should show in your score.

Initially we removed the stolen control (#55) from the course definition and resued the overall course value to 450 points. On reflection we have decided that this could affect the way in whcih league scores are calculated, so it has been decided to restore the overall course score to 500 points by increasing the value of the nearby control #40 from 10 points to 60 points. It seems very unlikely that anyone will have gone to a 10 point control at #40 without taking the trouble run that little bit further to gain an extra 50 points at #55. Hopefully you are all happy with this resolution.

Note: if you have any issues with your points, please let Julie know.

Results as PDF also available here

Routegadget for Corfe Castle is also available here

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Entries will be via Race SignUp.
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Venue will be the Harvester Neptune Pub at Boscombe Pier.

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